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Art and design

Paintings and sculptures by some of the majors artists such as Gil Granero combine brilliantly with our modern design of the newly renovated rooms, thus providing the best option for those who want an experience with character of Girona. The hotel has a collection of over 70 original oil on canvas, paper or acrylic and more than 30 graphic works.

In the lobby visitors will enjoy works by different artists.

Carles Delclaux Tapestry designed by Pere Llosas is 6 meters wide. The symbolism of this piece, handmade and with gothic style, transports the viewer to a partnership between the city of Girona, one of the limits if the Charlemagne empire and Aachen, its main capital. Both populations are represented by their most iconic symbols.

"Brau" The Bull by Emilia Xargay (Sarria de Ter, 1927-2002 ), giant sculpture made of sandy materials reminiscent of ancient Cretan bullfighting. This sculpture full of vigor and force located on the hotel lobby.

Abstract by Alejo, an iron sculpture with sinuous forms that evoke the body of a woman.

In the halls and rooms, the hotel is committed to paintings, so customers can find prominent artits such as:


  • Gil Granero
  • Joaquín Hidalgo
  • Regina Giménez
  • Cristina Broto
  • Didier Lourenço
  • Carles Cortilles
  • Magi Puig
  • Ramon Enric
  • Andrés Hispano
  • Carmen Bueno
  • Jaume de Córdoba
Best Online Rate GUARANTEED

Hotel Carlemany guarantee the best online price for your reservation. If you find a lower price on another website we will match the price and in addition you will receive an extra 10% off your room rate.

Terms and Conditions of our Minimum Price Guarantee:

1. How to claim for the Minimum Price Guarantee.

You should have a booking confirmation from and then send us an email to with the following information:

a.- Reservation nº and Check-In Date

b.- Website where you found the lower rate and total price of the stay.

Once we have received & checked your email we will determine if it complies with the conditions of point number 4, and if so we will send you an email confirming the new Price of your reservation.

2. Time frame for applying for the Minimum Price Guarantee.

You have 24 hours after the confirmation of your reservation to send us the Minimum price Guarantee email with the solicited information on point nº1.

3. Scope of our guarantee.

As a commitment to quality with our guests, we guarantee that if you make a reservation on our website and within the following 24hours, you find another online booking channel with a lower price, we will match the price to the cheaper one and also offer you 10% off from your room rate.

4. Conditions


  • You must already have a booking confirmed via our website, have the reservation number of this booking and send the required information on the Minimum Price Guarantee within the 24 hours following the reservation.
  • The conditions of the reservation made on our website and the conditions of the prospective reservation on the alternative online booking channel where you have found a cheaper price must be the same. This includes arrival date, departure date, room type, board basis, number of persons, final price to pay including any fees, VAT taxes, the final price shown and the services included in that prospective reservation.
  • To apply the Minimum Price Guarantee, the conditions of payments, deposits, cancellation and amendments associated with the price of the online booking channel which you are claiming against, should be equivalent to those quoted on our website. The guarantee does not apply to cheaper prices whose restrictions (cancellation policy, deposit etc) are not equivalent to those applicable on
  • The most economic price which is being claimed must have been checked within the timeframe of 24 hours after making the reservation on our website. Requests regarding price will never be taken into consideration for dates prior to bookings made on our website.
  • The price to be claimed must have been found on an online booking channel, never offline, and must be valid and with immediate confirmation at the moment of checking by Hotel Carlemany. Prices on websites that do not confirmed prices instantly will not be valid.
  • This guarantee is limited to guests of direct bookings to the hotel, to a maximum of 5 rooms. It will not be applied to reservations in which the name of the hotel is not shown until the end of the booking process. The guarantee is not applicable to prices not published or that are confidential, to any type of hotel cheques, prices which form part of a package with other services, corporate rates, group rates etc.
  • This guarantee makes reference to the total price to be paid for the whole stay not the partial stay or any particular day within a stay.
  • The guarantee will not be applied in the case of errors in prices or publications of other websites.
  • We reserve the right to adapt, amend, cancel or put an end to the Best Price Guarantee, as well as the conditions applying to it at any moment without prior notification. We refuse any responsibility for the possible costs which could be caused by the cancellation of a reservation made to a different website other than our own shown in this text. 
  • Excluded from this guarantee are golf packages, as we cannot guarantee the minimum price of services offered to us by third parties.